Autism Support Group Glasgow

A.R.I.A. (Awareness Raising Intuitive Action) ignite C.I.C.

At ARIA ignite we aim to provide needs led support for parents/carers of children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder in Glasgow and surrounding areas.

Relatives and carers of autistic people also face a range of issues, on a day to day basis.  Many of us become worried and exhausted looking after someone with autism.

Health Therapists

We are a group of very experienced alternative health therapists, with personal experience of parenting/caring for a family member with a diagnosis of autistic spectrum conditions.


We are keen to develop a needs led service providing flexible and cost-effective stress-reducing interventions for parents/siblings of children with autism.

Alternative Therapies

We can provide a variety of alternative therapies/self help workshops for families who seek tangible interventions focusing on the feel good factor and developing self esteem.

federation of holistic therapists

Autism Support Groups/Coffee Mornings

autism support group meeting

Building a community with strong links is important for an autistic child’s development, and to ensure consistency of approaches.  I have found that this can sometimes be difficult in different cultures.  Therefore, we aim to host parent support groups and coffee mornings in and around the Glasgow area where parents can come along and chat to other parents about their struggles and achievements.  It is really heart-warming to watch parents come together and discuss ways in which they helped their families understand their child’s diagnosis.  It can be comforting to speak to other families from similar backgrounds and discuss which strategies worked best for them.

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